We are now the majority of the way through our Pathfinder Engagement Events and the team has been enjoying getting out to meet lots of you and hear your thoughts and experiences. It has been fantastic to have representation from so many different regions, and across sectors, and we’re looking forward to continuing to work with you all through the Pathfinder phase.

The events have prompted some interesting reflections and conversations as we consider the opportunities and challenges of the upcoming phase. We have been energised by the willingness to face these challenges head on, to enter into the spirit of trying things out, learning and adapting so that we can deliver the best possible version of Bairns’ Hoose.

We want to emphasise that the shape of this work will be developed in collaboration, not just with partnerships who become Pathfinders, but with all stakeholders as we progress on this journey. We need a breadth of experiences, perspectives and expertise to bring Bairns’ Hoose to life.

Whilst the events have been running we have been noting down your frequently asked questions and compiling them into a document that will be shared as a resource with attendees and posted for all to view on this website. The FAQ will continue to be updated as we go, so if you have any questions you think it would be helpful to include, please get in touch at bairnshoose@gov.scot.

If you missed out on signing up for the events and would like to speak more with the team please do get in touch via the mailbox.

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