The Scottish Government has reaffirmed its commitment to implementing Bairns’ Hoose in Scotland, in the 2023-24 Programme for Government published on 5 September. The Programme for Government outlines the plan to:

“Launch Bairns’ Hoose Pathfinders in autumn 2023, a key action in our keeping The Promise Implementation Plan and Tackling Child Poverty Delivery Plan, enabling a whole-system approach for child victims and witnesses of abuse and harm.”

The announcement of the Pathfinder partnerships later this year will be a significant milestone in ensuring that there is a system of holistic support in place for children and young people experiencing health, child protection and justice processes.

Working collaboratively with our key stakeholders, we have made a significant investment of £6m to launch the Pathfinder phase. This means that children and young people who have experienced trauma will soon be able to benefit from coordinated, trauma-informed support under one roof.

The Pathfinders will be valuable in demonstrating how the recently published Bairns’ Hoose Standards work in practice in different contexts, and are an important milestone outlined in the Bairns’ Hoose Project Plan Progress Report and Pathfinder Delivery Plan (2023 – 25) published earlier this year.

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